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Music Instruction

LA Guitar Factory offers high quality music instruction for guitar and bass. Lessons are private and are geared to each students specific needs and level of ability. The particulars are as follows:

~ Private instruction

~ 1/2 hour per lesson format,  4 times per month ( some months 5 )

~ rate: $ 30/lesson which typically comes to $ 120 per month

NOVEMBER 2016 : World renown classical guitarist/teacher Aris Quiroga joins LA GF teaching staff ! More information in Our Teachers are below.

Our Teachers are:

Donnie Walker 

beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar / bass lessons 
in various genre including:
  Jazz, Classical, Rhythm and Blues (traditional to contemporary), Popular music of the American songbook, Blues (early to modern), Rock, Reggae, Country and various styles of Latin music.

Example points of interest:

  • introduction to guitar and music

  • various styles of guitar

  • learning songs

  • learning the entire neck, through all keys

  • discovering Chord structures and inversions, scale fingerings, etc
  • right hand technique; fingerstyle, pick

  • learning to play songs from recordings by ear

  • transcribing songs from recordings

  • written and aural theory

  • arranging for solo guitar and full bands

  • composing/songwriting


Donnie’s Bio:

Donnie has been engulfed by music since the year 2000.  After learning some basic guitar from his father, a natural musician, Donnie started to study music seriously at The Fine Arts Center in Greenville SC from veteran LA studio guitarist Steve Watson.

In 2002, he then moved to Jacksonville Fl to study at the University of North Florida’s Jazz Program.  At the time UNF’s Jazz Program was ranked in the top 5 in the nation by JazzTimes magazine.
 Receiving a scholarship at UNF, he studied under renown Jazz guitarist and educator Barry Greene, as well as other world class musicians in the faculty, like Bill Prince and Bunky Green.  Several times a semester artist such as Dave Brubeck, Kenny Garret, Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten, Medeski Martin & Wood, Vic Juris, Russell Malone, and many others would spend a week teaching, performing, sharing, and playing with the students.  These were all very influential experiences in Donnie’s early years learning music and his first instrument the guitar.

In addition to formal studies, playing music with other musicians on a daily basis in a wide range of situations and styles is where he truly gained experience to nurture his craft.  Since 2002, he has continued to play live regularly.  He gained proficiency playing in house bands, big bands, trio and duo settings, as well as solo fingerstyle guitar.  Donnie has shared the stage backing award winning Gospel and RnB artist, played countless concerts, weddings, and society gigs as a working musician. 

In 2012 he began his studies with Ari Lehtela.  It was then everything culminated into even deeper study of music, learning new types music, starting his venture into other string instruments (such as fretless guitar, oud, and sarod), and finally beginning his path to becoming a luthier.  Donnie studied and apprenticed under Ari, went through his Luthier School and currently teaches some of the beginner classes and kit building classes.  He continues the lifelong journey of learning music, and now through a new perspective by building, repairing, and restoring stringed instruments.

Donnie holds a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies) from UNF.  In addition to his music and education experience detailed his Bio, he has taught private/group lessons since 2002.  He also taught full time elementary school music in Florida’s public education system with excellent rapport to K-12 and special needs students, from 2006-2008 before moving to Charlotte.

Ari Lehtela

Proprietor and Head Luthier of LA Guitar Factory and Lehtela Guitar Craft. In addition to running the Luthiery School program, building custom instruments and overseeing the repair and restoration work , Ari is available for SPECIALTY MUSIC INSTRUCTION:

          ~  Advanced Improvisation Study

          ~  Microtonality

          ~  Fretless Guitar


Aris Quiroga

LA GF is proud to announce the inclusion of world renown classical guitarist and teacher Aris Quiroga to our music teaching staff. Classically trained, his repertoire is vast with references to most styles associated with the classical nylon string guitar including FLAMENCO, BRAZILIAN and LATIN, and WORLD MUSIC. Those fortunate to study with him will be exposed to the inner workings of such styles coming from the perspective of the classical nylon string guitar.

We recommend that you visit his website for more information regarding his vast musical background.

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Please contact LA GF on our contact page or call (704)599-4410 for more information regarding scheduling private instruction with Mr. Quiroga.