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Instruments and Gear

These are some of the items for sale at LA Guitar Factory.  For questions, call the store at 704.599.4410 or stop by the shop to check the items out. 

There are more instruments and gear for sale not listed on this site, including more guitars, amps, speakers, cabinets, guitar necks, guitar bodies, and lots of other gear and accessories.

-ORPHEUS VALLEY GUITAR :  FIESTA FS 10-049-1-18 Hand-crafted in Bulgaria


















-THE LOAR MANDOLIN     $880  call for more info    

AAA Spruce Top, AAA flamed maple back & Sides, 1 1/8"nut, Ebony Fret Board

upgraded ($250 value): Cast Allen tailpiece, Cumberland Acoustic Bridge, 1 owner, w/Loar Case



-Tube Works Tube Driver Combo, $ 450 ( fantastic overdrive channel )

-Cabinet handmade at LA Guitar Factory $ 495, loaded w/Eminence 12" BETA series

-Boutique Guitar Pedals:  Analogman Dark Peppermint Fuzz ($199)SOLD !   Mike Keely Modded Ibanez Tubescreamer ($149) SOLD !   Maxon Auto Wah ($170) SOLD !  , Fulltone Octo Fuzz ($129)

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SOLD  !  Analogman Dark Peppermint Fuzz

-Pedals:  Molten Voltage modded Digitech Whammy (dial in knobs for low and high pitch, true bypass__$249), Retro-sonic Phaser ($125), AnalogMan Bi-Chorus (depth switch, stereo outs__$299), Keely Compressor (4 knob USA__$180)

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-Fender Plus Telecaster Body (1991) $250

-Goodtime Banjo, open back $ 495 , near MINT w/original hardshell case